Using Ordonnia What is Universal Currency?

What is Universal Currency?

By Ordonnia • Published on 2023-04-17 • Last edit on 2023-04-17

You've just completed a task for Ordonnia or one of its partner groups on Ordonnia Earn. You're proud, you're strong, you're on the top of the world!

An e-mail catches your attention, and stipulates you've been paid in UC, or Universal Currency. What the hell is that?!

Don't bore me, just tell me

Universal Currency is Ordonnia's solve to people asking "we want to be paid in X currency", X being any currency that your heart desires. Indeed, Ordonnia's users come from different backgrounds, and while some prefer payments in Euro, other would prefer Robux, or giftcards.

Therefore, we invented Universal Currency! With Universal Currency, you can easily request a payout in the currency of your liking with the conversion automatically done right before payout.

Indeed, if you originally planned on cashing out Euros, but you suddenly change your mind to Dollars, you'll be able to select "Dollar" instead of "Euro" at checkout and not have to bother with re-converting your currency through Ordonnia Help.

How does it work?

Universal Currency is a currency that is not tied to any specific currency. However, the exchange rates to the currencies you can exchange it to vary. When paying for something, Ordonnia will first use any balances you have in the currency you want to use, and then use your Universal Currency balance at an exchange rate you will be informed of right before purchasing.

Universal Currency in Payouts

Are you part of our Payouts Programme? If so, you'll be able to request a payout in any currency you want. The exchange rate will be automatically calculated and you'll be able to see the amount you'll receive in your currency of choice before confirming your payout.

As with purchases, your currency in your requested currency will be used first.

⚠️ Note: The conversion may happen at a different rate than when you submitted your payout depending on the delay of processing. Indeed, your payout amount will be substracted off your Universal Currency on the moment we approve the payout!

😨 If a payout leaves you with a negative balance in Universal Currency because of exchange rate problems, contact Ordonnia Help. We'll clear the difference & restore your balance to a positive amount

Universal Currency in Ordonnia Earn

Ordonnia Earn tasks are mostly paid in Universal Currency, unless specified otherwise. We may specify, for promotional purposes, that a task is paid in a specific currency. However, this may be only for promotional purposes and the real value will be paid to an equivalent (or close equivalent) in Universal Currency.

⚠️ Always check the Ordonnia Earn page of a task to see what currency it is paid in. The title, description, or thumbnail of a task is not a valid indicator of how much it will be paid!

Historical context

Before all, there was MeaxisNetwork Points. And after MeaxisNetwork Points, there were Litum. But the problem with both of these currencies is that they held no outside value to MeaxisNetwork or Ordonnia.

Therefore, when redesigning Ordonnia's system

I'm confused, help?

Contact our friendly Help team at and they'll be happy to help you out!