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Welcome to the official Ordonnia Wiki!

Okay - this isn't really a wiki, in the way that a lot of the pages here are locked to trusted users. But, theorically, one can create new pages here. So what do we have here?

A guide to reading this: what is Ordonnia? (#guide)

Ordonnia (the organization) that you most likely know either for its Discord Server, for its games, or for, is an organization that pretty much serves as an umbrella under all of Meaxis's projects. It is ran by Meaxis.

What are Ordonnia's operations? (#operations)
  • Ordonnia publishes Roblox experiences and these experiences are set within the context of a fictional country, "Ordonnia" (or the "Great Empire of Ordonnia") for distinction. The country is itself part of a bigger worldbuilding project, the "MN World", administered by Meaxis and Bergel. Some countries from this project have their own pages here, others have their own wiki. See #directory > #worldbuilding > #other-countries
  • Ordonnia has a transport network, within the Roblox experiences.
  • Ordonnia makes Leafy Soda, and other drinks under the Leafy Industries brand (again, in Roblox)
  • Ordonnia has a website and a Discord server

Central directory for the wiki (#directory)

This directory is structured in categories, which themselves have subcategories. Most categories have a 🏠 (home) page that serves as an entrance for that category; other notorious pages are listed in the category. Subcategories are denoted by πŸ“‚.

πŸ“ Places (#places)

This category denotes places within Ordonnia's experiences or lore, such as metro stations, given locations, or other locations. For Roblox Experiences, see the #experiences category. Also see #worldbuilding for a coherent map of everything.

πŸ“‚ Capital City of Sixaem (#cco-sixaem)

πŸ“¦ Things (#things)

Items that frequently appear in Ordonnia.

πŸ₯› Leafy Industries (#leafy)

πŸš‚ Transports (#transports)

πŸ“‚ West Metros (#west-metros)
πŸ“‚ East Metros (#east-metros)
πŸ“‚ Railroads of Ordonnia (#railroads)

🌍 Worldbuilding (#worldbuilding)

This section is for the worldbuilding of Ordonnia - if confused, refer to #guide > #operations

πŸ“‚ Country of Ordonnia (#country)