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Gallery of Ordonnia Transports

By Ordonnia Department of Transports • Published on 2024-03-12 • No edits


The GV01 is Ordonnia's high speed train, created in cooperation with Him's Network. Meant for express lines, it features 2 classes and quality accomodation.

Our GV01 at Sixaem Central

Exiting the L'Espérance Tunnel

Inside the GV01

Turning towards Belleneige

Stadler GTW

Our first train made after a real life train, the GTW is Ordonnia's newest and finest train for suburban transport.

Stadler GTW at Sixaem Central Stadler GTW at Sixaem Central Stadler GTW at night

Other pictures

Other pictures from our games Stadler GTW and GV01 at Sixaem Central GV01 and Legacy Inee at Sixaem Central First GV01 run event commemorative picture