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Ordonnia Privacy Policy

By Ordonnia Administration Department • Published on 2023-03-19 • No edits

1 · Introduction

This policy details how we use your information, how to change it, and how to delete it. By consenting to this policy, you confirm that you have read it and that you understand how the Service will use your information along with its services.

In this policy, you will find the following terminology:
1. The “Service”: All applications, websites and platforms operated by Ordonnia or its subsidiaries where this privacy policy applies, extended to all services operated to the Ordonnia or its subsidiaries when you have accepted it at least once 2. “We”: The entity responsible of organizing the Service

2 · Collection of your information

The Service may collect information as you use its services. The information we collect can be seperated in 3 categories:

It is to be noted that any information you submit to the Service through online forms or e-mail may be also retained. By submitting anything to the Service, you understand that it may be stored indefinitively pursuant to this Policy.

3 · Use of your information

We use the information and data you provide to us for the following purposes:

If you submit personal information on the Service to publish it, we will publish it and may use that information under the permissions you grant us.

Your privacy settings may be used to limit the publication of your information on the Service and may be adjusted in your privacy settings on the website. Without your explicit consent, we will not provide your personal information to third parties for their direct marketing or that of other third parties.

4 · Disclosure of your information

The Service may disclose your information to its employees, subsidiaries, insurers, partners, hosting company, advisors, counsellors and to anyone that we deem it may be appropriate to disclose information to.

By default, the people or organizations that have access to information are: Role Contact information
Head of Administration France, Île-De-France [email protected] Registered as the owner of ordonnia.com on the WHOIS registry.
Hosting Company (1) InovaPerf by Be1Host SAS 14 rue Charles-V, 75004 Paris, France SIRET: 80142522400020 +33 9 72 54 63 63
Hosting Company (2) DigitalOcean Find more information at https://digitalocean.com
Hosting Company (3) Thierry Ouellet (branded as “IntrazrCloud”) Canada, Québec +1 877-960-1512
Cloudflare (proxy) Cloudflare, Inc. United States, California, San Fransisco, 101 Townsend St +1-888-99-FLARE
Other accredited employees The list of employees along with a log of certain accesses can be obtained by contacting Ordonnia. Unless from law enforcement, this information will be given on a case-to-case basis.

Furthermore, we may disclose your personal information:

Your information may also be disclosed alone or grouped with other information after full anonymisation to disclose statistics for marketing, commercial or educational purposes.

5 · Retention of your information

Personal information that we process for any purpose will not be retained longer than necessary for that purpose or purposes.

Your account data and all data related to you will be deleted either:

Certain factors may prevent us to delete your information, such as:

6 · Security of your information

The Service strives to keep your information always secure. We restrict connection to any security-sensitive services to HTTPS (encrypted) connections, and we store our data on protected servers.

The access to the full database that may contain your sensitive information is restricted to a small group of people and may only be accessed by the webmaster, the hosting of company, and people whom the Service detains full proved information on.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the credentials you use to access the Service; we will not ask you for your password (except through forms on ordonnia.com and its subdomains).

7 · Updates to this policy

We may occasionally update this policy by posting a new version on the Service. You should check this page regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes to this policy.

We may notify you of changes to this policy by email or through the private messaging service on the Service, although we hold ourselves the right to change this policy without notice at any moment. Every change, unless minor, will be kept track (through the Service’s Policy Versioning). You may request the deletion of your data based on a privacy policy change.

8 · International Data Transfers

All your data stored in our databases are stored in servers run by InovaPerf, IntrazrCloud, or DigitalOcean. As such, it may happen that your data is transferred to the United States or to Canada.

Furthermore, as we communicate with third parties, such as Roblox, Discord, Twitter, or Google, we may need to send information about your identity. These companies apply very strict data processing policies, and we invite you to visit their Privacy Policy available at Section 10 to learn more.

Your data may be processed by other third parties as well: we encourage you to check each of the Third Parties’ websites to ensure that you are aware of every location your data may transit through.

9 · Your rights

We will honour every privacy-related request that your country, state or city law enforces onto us if you meet all the following requirements:

We, however, can provide a copy of your public and semi-private information in machine readable format at no expense or effort (that will not include all information, such as moderation, financial, or legal data, unless we are required by law to do so) upon a request through official support channels.

We will anonymize your account upon your request through official support channels.

10 · Third parties

The Service may take or share data with outside service providers to improve your use of the services. Here is a list of the providers we work with to improve your experience.

Discord will share your Discord profile, Discord e-mail address and Discord Servers with us to establish a link between Discord and you and to reward you when joining our Discord server. Please read Discord's privacy policy at this link.

Google: We share data with Google to bring you personalised advertisements (through Google Ads on the website), through Google Analytics (to monitor the Service) and through the "log-in" with Google feature on Ordonnia's Website.

The Service may store information that you have shared through the Google authorisation screen to allow you to establish a link between Google and you. Here is a link to their Privacy Policy.

Twitter will share us a bunch of information with us and some permissions on your Twitter account, stated on the consent screen before linking your account. We will only store your Twitter ID along with your action token to be able to execute actions on your behalf when you consent to it (e.g: tweets through the auto-tweet feature). Their Privacy Policy can be found here.

11 · Updating or deleting your information

Information to delete or update your information are already established in section 9. However, we would like to remind you that:

12 · Cookies

We use cookies, through ordonnia.com, meaxisnetwork.net, meaxis.fr and all of its other registered domains for multiple purposes. Here is a list of commonly found cookies and their purposes:

Cookie name Purpose Author, expiry
logcook Log-Cookie. Serves to identify your account log-in. MeaxisNetwork. No expiry.
sesscook Session-Cookie. Serves to verify that your log-in is true and safe. MeaxisNetwork. No expiry.
consent Stores your cookie consent data MeaxisNetwork. No expiry.
__gads Google Ads data. For marketing & tracking purposes. Google. See appendix A.
_ga Google Analytics data. For analytics purposes. Google. See appendix A.
g_state, G_ENABLED_IPDS Google Sign-in cookies. For functional purposes. Google. See appendix A.
PHPSESSID PHP Session ID. Various purposes, but unique identifier. MeaxisNetwork. No expiry.

Only advertising & analytics cookies can be removed. Please clear your “consent” cookie to display the cookie consent pop-up. All Ordonnia-issued cookies with no expiry are mandatory for the good use of the service.

Appendix A: Google cookies are administered by Google, from their own scripts. We encourage you to visit their privacy policy at https://policies.google.com/privacy to learn more about their privacy practices.

13 · Contact

The Webmaster may be contacted: